About Dean & Jennifer

Husband and wife real estate team, Jennifer Bacon and Dean Michel, have traded 20 years of city life for the opportunity to raise their children on the shores of Balsam Lake.
Dean who was raised in the Kawarthas, left to attend university, but would return every chance he could, eventually introducing Jennifer to the joys of cottage living. As their family grew and their needs changed, they moved from the small family cottage to one of their own, just down the road. 
Friday nights were spent racing out of the city, trying to beat the traffic to get to the lake. Once there, the stress of the work week would fall away, the excitement of being at the cottage would take over and they quickly find themselves fishing, swimming, boating, and sitting around a camp fire, drinks and ‘smores in hand, sharing stories and planning adventures.
Dean and Jennifer agree the cottage is where they feel most grounded. It is where they connect after a long and hectic week, where their best selves emerge. This is why they decided to give up the commute and make cottage living their permanent lifestyle.
Dean is returning home to the Kawarthas, bringing with him 20 years of media industry experience focusing specifically on sales, marketing and advertising. Dean spends his free time at the rink (in winter months), coaching his son in minor hockey. He also enjoys boating and fishing.
Jennifer brings with her an extensive knowledge of promotions, marketing and client service. Working in real estate has allowed Jennifer to pursue her passions for photography, home decorating and home staging. When not at work, she enjoys teaching yoga and paddle boarding.
Living and working in the Kawartha Lakes, the family is able to balance work life with play time, enjoying fishing off the dock before work, or unwinding after a long day at the office with paddle boarding or kayaking around the lake.
If we can do it, so can you. Let us help you get here.

About Kawartha Lakeside

It’s not about us, it’s about you. 
Whether you are looking to buy or wanting to sell, it is time for a fresh approach to real estate.
For buyers, we place the focus exactly where it belongs - on you and your needs:
• Uncovering your true wants and needs is crucial. Our needs analysis is proven to provide us clear insights to find your ideal property match.
• Your time is precious. That is why we pre-screen and personally visit each listing, weeding out any unsuitable properties, before inviting you out on a tour.
• Living and working in the Kawartha Lakes allows us to be on top of changes and trends in the area that may affect your property.
For sellers, we use state-of-the-art marketing tools to make your property shine and reach the broadest market possible:
• A dedicated website to showcase your property as well as digital tracking tools to monitor activity.
• Professional photography, including drone videos and unique Snapd iGuide virtual tours.
• Professional social media management to tap into the power of Facebook and Instagram.
And most importantly, our priority is communication. Whether you are buying or selling, we make feedback and check-ins our top priority, ensuring you are involved in the process, every step of the way.
If you’re looking for a fresh approach, call us today. 
We’re ready when you are.