So you want to buy a cottage?


Maybe you've visited friends at their waterfront paradise and want the same for yourself.


Maybe you are a camper who misses the lakeside tranquility and wants something more permanent.


Maybe you crave a quiet spot to retreat to, getting away from the stresses of city life.


Regardless of the reason, you have decided: it’s time to own your own cottage.


Congratulations - you have made the first step toward a very rewarding lifestyle.


But now what? Do you hop online and surf the internet looking for listings on some of the lakes you know?


The answer may not be as simple as that. With over 250 lakes and waterways in the Kawartha Lakes area alone, and shorelines ranging from sandy beaches, to limestone cliffs, to the granite outcroppings of the Precambrian shield, the potential opportunities available to you can be overwhelming.


Before you turn to the internet and google to search for your dream property, ask yourself three very big, very important questions:


  1. Where do you see yourself cottaging?

  • How much time (not distance) are you prepared to drive to get to your cottage?

  • Will you want a town nearby to pick up supplies, or will you be transporting your goods from home?

  • Do you want year-round access to enjoy your cottage in winter months?

  • Is privacy important? Are you the type to sunbathe naked on the dock, or are you okay with the intimacy of close neighbours?

  • Do you want direct, private waterfront? Or are you content with shared water access?


2. How you plan to use the property?

  • Do you need high-speed Internet? Will you be telecommuting?

  • What’s more important to you, the waterfront or the buildings on the property?

  • How do you plan to use the water —power boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, swimming—all of the above?

  • What kind of water access do you want—shallow water entry for kids to play, or deep water docking for boats? Maybe both?

  • What kind of slope are you comfortable with in order to get to the water?

  • Are you looking for big, expensive lake views?

  • Do you want to sip coffee and enjoy or sunrise or roast marshmallows with the sunset?

  • Are you looking for a private getaway or a family compound for entertaining?

  • Do you see yourself transforming the cottage into a full-time home down the road?

  • Are you handy?


3. And finally, how much money you have to spend on the cottage?

  • Have you considered renting the property to offset the costs?

  • Are you thinking about co-owning a cottage with friends and family?

  • Will you be financing and if so, do you have a pre-approved mortgage?

  • Should you use your realtor in the GTA to search for a property since you have an established relationship?


Searching for your ideal cottage may not be so simple after all. These are just a few of the questions we will ask you, as potential cottage buyers, when getting to know you and understanding your unique needs.


Buying a cottage property will certainly take time and patience. The process will test your spirit, but the rewards are more than worth it in the end.