Four Mile Lake

Four Mile Lake is a relatively shallow warm water lake with a rocky shoreline. Boat traffic is usually moderate, and popular activities include water-skiing, wake-boarding, tubing, and fishing. the lake is located on the boundary between two different geological landforms. The northern one-third of the lake is located on the Canadian Shield with its granite shorelines, and The southern two-thirds of the lake is located on the Corden plain and is characterized by sedimentary limestone cliffs along the shoreline.

Four Mile Lake is a closed lake system with no navigable access to other lakes. The lake provides a community to approximately 450 cottages and homes. Community members within the watershed and along the shoreline of Four Mile Lake enjoy good lake water quality and a high degree of peace, tranquility and privacy,


  • The majority of the lake is accessed by private four season roads which are owned and maintained by the cottage owners.

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