Lake Dalrymple

Lake Dalrymple has been a favourite destination of anglers for more than 100 years, especially those in search of the elusive Muskie. The lower Dalrymple lake is divided into two parts - one side, with its rocky shoreline and westerly breeze is a cool spot on even the hottest summer day. The other side with calm water sheltered from the breeze and sandy beach, is a hub of summer cottage life. There is lake frontage on the point it is just wide enough to accommodate a single row of cottages along the entire length, creating a quiet cottage community.

The lake is not considered to be part of the Kawarthas, and is not accessible through the Trent boating system. 


  • The lake is an unusual example of southern Ontario lakes in that it is on a lime stone base at the south end and the granite bedrock of the Canadian Shield at the north.

  • Excellent fishing for muskie, perch, pike, bass and walleye

  • Nearby town: Orillia

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