Silver Lake

The lake sits atop the dividing line between the Precambrian granite Canadian Shield to the north, and the limestone belt to the south. Granite outcroppings can be seen beginning at the midpoint of the lake, including a small island in the north end of the lake with a cottage built upon it. On the south-east end, rises as a sheer cliff face several metres out of the water, following the length of the Gull river southwest through Coboconk.

This cottage/dock lined lake has sandy as well as rocky stretches of shoreline. Overhanging trees and submerged logs in some areas provide cover for some great near shore fishing, especially for largemouth bass.


  • Varied Shoreline, including sandy, limestone and granite landscapes

  • Great fishing for bass, walleye and the occasional muskie

  • Shallow lake - 48 feet maximum depth

  • Nearby towns: Norland, Coboconk

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