5 Reasons to Fall for the Kawarthas

The days are shorter, the water has cooled off, and the docks are out for the season. Now that Fall has settled in, you might think it’s time to close up the cottage for the winter and start planning for next summer. If you do, you may be missing out on some of the best that cottage country has to offer. Now that your focus is not on the water, you can spend your days exploring all of the other things that make cottage country so great. From hiking trails to craft shows to some great places to eat,

Seller Motivation: Is it really relevant?

Buyers often ask us why a seller is listing their property. While it is always interesting to understand the history of a property, motivation isn't really relevant when developing an offer strategy.
Posted by: Jennifer Bacon

Home is Where The Heart Is

We have all heard this statement and it very much may be true. However, when it comes to real estate transactions, our advice is: Don't let your heart get in the way.
Posted by: Dean Michel
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