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Kirkfield is situated on the Trent Canal, between Canal Lake to the west, and Mitchell and Balsam Lakes to the east. Kirkfield is less than 2 hours from the GTA. The town is bordered by several lakes and is known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.


Peaceful and serene town that
Surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests,
Ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts: hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and swimming in the summer, and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing in the winter
Historic Kirkfield Lift Lock


The lifestyle in Kirkfield is slow-paced and relaxed, with a strong emphasis on community and nature. The town has a small population of around 1,000 year-round residents. There are a variety of active local clubs and organizations in the community, such as the Kirkfield and District Historical Society and the Kirkfield Lions Club, which offer opportunities for socializing and recreation.


Kirkfield is a small town with limited options for dining, entertainment, and shopping. However, visitors can enjoy a meal at the nearby Shallamar Restaurant, which is known for its scenic views of the Trent-Severn Waterway. For entertainment, visitors can explore the Kirkfield Lift Lock or take a hike on one of the many nearby trails. The Carden Plain is a rare and important alvar, and very popular with birders. Shopping options in Kirkfield are limited, but visitors can find a few local shops and boutiques offering souvenirs and handmade crafts. If a round of golf is more your speed, The Western Trent Golf Club is a short drive west of Kirkfield.