A long time ago, we would spend our weekends at our cottage on Balsam Lake. It always amazed us how no one locked their doors, neighbors would pop by for a drink and some conversation - without having to plan weeks in advance, and kids would run up and down the street, with the illusion of freedom, but secretly being watched by every mother on the road.

One day something clicked and we thought: "Why can?t we live every day like this?"

It took some time and research, but eventually we packed up the kids, the cats and all of our worldly possessions, renovated our little cottage, and built a brand new, totally different life.

It may sound completely bonkers to some, but people CAN live like this.

There is a different pace than racing, running, competing, overworking, overextending. There is a different way to live than disconnected, disappointed, overwhelmed, overtired. As a society, for the most part, we are over-functioning and under-living.

It is possible, and realistic to consider a slower, quieter life, one where good food and good wine and good company is the everyday, not a special event squeezed into the rare free weekend. Where things are quiet and casual and simple; where value is placed on people and experience, not things.

We are extremely privileged to have built a successful life outside of the hustle culture. We were able to walk away from the hamster wheel and really live.

People can live like this - we are living proof.

If you could, if you were able and all the obvious obstacles and impossibilities didn't exist, how would you live differently?

How can we help you make that vision a reality?