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Lakefront Living:
Prioritizing Family and Friends
June 9, 2023

Once upon a time, in a quiet countryside community, there lived a couple. They had a big family home and a cozy cottage on a lake. They raised their kids between both their country home and the cottage, but now that their children were all grown and living their own lives, the couple found themselves with two properties that were just too much to maintain.

Cleaning, repairs, and the never-ending tasks became a burden, and they realized it was time for a change. They wanted to focus on what truly mattered: spending time with family and enjoying life without all the stress. After careful consideration, the couple decided it was time to sell the family home and move to the cottage on a permanent basis.

So, the couple turned to their realtors for help. Then realtors listened carefully and understood the couple's desire for a simpler life.

Then the realtors got to work, studying the market and giving the couple tips on how to make their country home more appealing to potential buyers. The couple followed their advice, getting their home ready to sell. Their realtors kept a close eye on the market, and, noticing that things were beginning to shift, recommended that the couple speed up their timelines.

The realtors wasted no time, showing the home to interested buyers and using their contacts to find the perfect match.

The property received multiple offers, exceeding the couple’s expectations. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to their family home, but they knew it was the right choice for a better future.

No more juggling two homes or worrying about endless chores. Now, they have only one lawn to take care of, with the serene lake as their backdrop. They spend their days enjoying the company of their children and grandchildren at their new home on the lake. And when winter comes, they pack their bags and head to Florida to soak up the sun.

Life couldn't be better. The couple have simplified their lives and focused on what truly matters: friends, family, joy, and making memories in their lakeside paradise.