Get Listed!


March Break is upon us, snow is slowing melting and it won't be long until the ice cover loosens its tight grip on our lakes.
Just as robins are returning north, so too will cottagers and people who want to become cottagers.

Are we being a bit too flowery? All this to say, if you are considering listing your cottage for sale there are several reasons to list now including:

  • less competition on the market,
  • motivated buyers who may have missed out on a purchase last year,
  • and buyers who want to jump into the cottage experience in time for the first long weekend of summer.

The unofficial start to cottage season typically kicks off with the Cottage Life Show in Toronto (March 26-29, 2020).
There are only so many buyers looking to enter the cottage market each year. By getting your property listed now you will have a better chance to attract these buyers before anyone else.

New buyers to the market start their search by touring different types of properties in different areas, to truly understand the cottage market and narrow down their needs and wants.
However, many buyers have already done the hard work of narrowing down their focus to a particular lake/area and price range. These purchasers may even have lost out on properties in 2019 and don't want to wait another year to buy their dream cottage.

They are motivated to buy and buy early in the season so they can maximize the entire season.
If both sides come to an agreement on price and conditions, a transaction can be completed relatively quickly, sometimes within 30-45 days.
Listing now means these motivated buyers could very well be lighting fireworks off their dock-- your old dock, by Victoria Day or even Canada Day.

"But I haven't been to the cottage in months, the water isn't turned on and I don't know what awaits me."

If that's the case, a quick weekend drive north will answer your questions, and we would be happy to meet you at the cottage to assess what needs to be done to get ready to list and get you to sold. Most likely, it is much less work than you expect - ensuring there is no damage to the property and making sure it is accessible to buyers is likely all it will take.